Coco Marie

Coco Marie is an Adelaide Hills based dynamic skincare and beauty/spa business situated in the beautiful and historic town of Hahndorf. Marie Morgan is the artisan who formulates and manufactures all of the products that are displayed in the shop by hand. Her partner Leigh is the Master soap maker, responsible for making their beautiful hand crafted array of natural cold pressed “French style” soaps. Their second home is in France & having studied aromatherapy and engaged in courses there, Marie was inspired to create a truly natural range of beautiful products using the finest ingredients of natural pure plant derived oils, extracts, natural vitamins and minerals that offer long lasting results at very affordable prices. After many trials, research and development, Marie set about creating an entirely natural range that reflected her love of using ingredients from “gods garden” without the use of chemicals.

Coco Marie has gained a great following and strong reputation for their flagship eczema and psoriasis products which include their cream, soap and body washes. With many life changing testimonials from their customers, it has developed into their best selling product with a worldwide customer base. Leigh and Marie are committed to excellence and quality. They continually seek to add value to their range through constant research, trials and further innovative development, to bring you outstanding products.

If you are ever over in this beautiful part of the world please call into our shop and enjoy the Coco Marie experience.